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Norfolk Junk Removal

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    Norfolk Junk Removal


    Welcome to Norfolk Junk Removal! We are experts in cleaning, decluttering, and sustainable disposal of waste items and junk. If you need a spring clean, clean out, or waste materials removal, we are your go-to company in junk hailing in Norfolk! We would love for you to have a look around, get an understanding of how we work for you, and how we can improve your quality of life today!

    About Us

    Junk removal is about more than clearing away messes. Often, junk removal is about giving our clients a new outlook on life – one where they are unburdened by unwanted items cluttering their property. For us, there is no better feeling than ethically disposing of unwanted items and improving our client’s quality of life. Our ethical disposal practices include recycling of goods where possible and rehoming items that can be better used by somebody else. We have a large network of recycling facilities and charitable organizations who assist in this way and help us to decrease the impact that the waste that we clear away have on the environment. 

    Our Services

    Junk removal is extensive in its applications. There are many kinds of waste that can cause frustration or even financial loss. While no two cases are the same, the services that we offer most comprehensively cover any kind of waste or junk removal that you may require. We have provided detailed information on our services below and elaborated on them on each dedicated services page. If you find that there is not enough information below for you to make an informed decision, check out our services pages, or get in touch with us by calling us on the number above.

    loaded dumpster near a construction site, a home renovation or maintenance

    Junk Removal

    Junk comes in many shapes and sizes, though it always has one thing in common – it is a hindrance to the owner of the property that it is on. When you want junk of any kind removed from your property, Norfolk Junk Removal should be your go-to! We boast all the relevant insurance, tools, and experience to conduct junk removal in a way that does not hinder you or incur any damage to your property or possessions.

    Appliance Removal

    Old appliances, whether redundant due to an upgrade or non-working often take up a lot of space unnecessarily. Norfolk Junk Removal ensures that your old appliances are removed quickly and effectively at extraordinarily little cost. All appliances, where possible, will be given to those who could make use of them. 

    scattered junk electrical appliances
    a broken sofa chair at the junk

    Furniture Removal

    Old beds, bookshelves, sofas, carpets, and many other items can outlive their use in your home or business. When this happens, you should not allow them to take up space unnecessarily or incur hefty storage costs. Instead, allow us to remove the items and alleviate the load that they put on the space your property provides.

    Property Clean Up

    From storage containers to office buildings, your property may be in need of a deep clean and removal of unneeded items. Clutter in a property that you use to generate an income will cost you money, so having a company on call, such as Norfolk Junk Removal, who can assist in quickly and professionally removing and discarding these items can save you cash!

    dumpsters being full with garbage.
    garbage is pile lots dump.

    Hoarder Clean Up

    Hoarding poses several health risks, including fire hazards, exposure to bacteria, and tripping hazards, to name a few. At Norfolk Junk Removal, we understand that hoarding is not at the fault of the person, but rather the disorder itself. While we cannot assist in fighting the disorder itself, we assist in fighting the effects, by compassionately assisting in removing possessions that are not needed. By doing this, you can begin the journey of fighting the disorder and starting out fresh.


    A building project, particularly one that involves demolition, produces significant amounts of waste materials. These materials can include concrete, asphalt, wood, bricks, and metal. Most of these materials can be recycled, though many do not know how to source the recycling facilities or do not have the time or means to get the materials to the recycling facilities. If this is the case for you, then Norfolk Junk Removal should be your next call! We have the facilities to remove all of these waste materials and the contacts to ensure that they are sustainably recycled or disposed of.

    hydraulic backhoe bulldozer loading demolition debris stone and concrete for recycling

    Contact Us For More Information

    Junk, clutter, or waste can be a source of deep frustration, stress, anxiety, and even poor health. If you need a company to assist you in getting rid of unwanted junk and would like to have it removed today, then give us a call! We passionately help others to start their new, rejuvenated lives by decluttering their homes, businesses, or storage facilities. If you would like more information about the services that we offer, would like a quotation, or would like to have a team sent to your premises, then phone us on the number provided above or click “Contact Us” today.

    a black broken/ruined sofa couch

    “We cleaned out office after the last financial year. We had a huge pile of documents, boxes, files, and other waste that needed to be disposed of. Given the nature of these documents, I was hesitant to have an external company assist in disposing of them, but Norfolk Junk Removal was incredibly professional and got rid of everything quickly and discreetly.” – Charles M

    an electrical appliances junk yard

    “I am wheelchair-bound and after my husband passed away, it became incredibly difficult to keep the house clean. After some time, I could barely move around in my own home. Norfolk Junk Removal helped me clean out and remove everything that needed to go and was compassionate and courteous. Lovely company!” – Cecilia T

    dumpsters being full with garbage container over flowing

    “As the owner of a small construction company, I don’t have the time to conduct cleanup and recycling of the materials left behind after our work. I make regular use of Norfolk Junk Removal. It’s great to have a professional group of experts on hand to help on-site. They work fast, they’re affordable, and they’re top-notch professionals. I wouldn’t use anyone else!” – Gary B